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  1. Why are the items more expensive on your wishlists than on the original sellers’ sites?

    We charge a fee for our service and, right now, shipping is a flat $10 regardless of what the shipping costs us. We are trying out this model and may need to amend it in the future. But for right now, our service fee covers Marigold placing your orders for you and we add our flat shipping fee before listing your items. In an effort to have full transparency with our customers, here is the fee structure we use:
    $10 minimum
    10% of the item price, up to $50 (for a $500 or higher item)
    $50 maximum

  2. How do you keep my information from the buyers?

    We hold your name and mailing address on Marigold’s server and use that information to place orders on your behalf. We will never give out your personal information to any third party except directly to place your orders. Anyone who buys an item from your wishlist will ONLY have access to your username.
    Additionally, we realize that wishlist GIFTERS may also prefer to keep their name private. We will not inform Marigold members of who purchased items on their lists, OTHER than exactly what the buyer writes on the gift note.

  3. When will the items ship?

    That depends on the seller. We will place your order within 24 hours of it being purchased from your Marigold wishlist. After that, we will send you an e-mail as soon as the item ships with the tracking information so you can keep an eye on your item’s journey to you!

  4. Can I make wishlists if I live outside of the U.S.?

    Yes! Anyone can make a wishlist, regardless of where they live. No matter where you live, make sure that the online store ships to your country. We will double check that the items you add to your wishlists can be shipped to you and any extra shipping costs may be added to the item price. If there are any problems, we will e-mail you and let you know!

  5. Why don’t items on my wishlist show up right away when I add them?

    We want to make sure all information is correct for the item and that it can be shipped to your address…and also that it’s not out of stock. We will add a photo of each item for you, and your items will be listed as active on your wishlist within 24 hours of your adding.

  6. What happens if the item is out of stock?

    It depends on who notices:

    -If we notice that an item a Marigold member is trying to add to a wishlist is out of stock, we will e-mail them to let them know.

    -If the Marigold wishlist member notices that an item on their own list is no longer in stock, they can simple delete the item.

    -If a gifter buys an item on a wishlist on Marigold, and when we try to place the order we notice the item is out of stock on the retailer’s site, we will issue a gift card to the gift recipient on the retailer’s site. For example, a pair of leggings from Lululemon is out of stock when we try to place the order, we will instead buy a Lululemon e-giftcard for the recipient. That way the recipient still receives a a gift immediately and will hopefully be able to find something similar that they like (or wait to use it when the item comes back in stock). The gift card value will be the same as the value of the original listed item, minus our service fee.

  7. Will I know who sent the item?

    Maybe. People who buy items will have the option to write a note to you along with their gift. If they want to tell you who they are, they will do so in the note. Otherwise, we never give out customer information.

  8. Do you ship to post boxes?

    Yes. As long as it’s a deliverable address, you can attach it to your account as your shipping address.

  9. Why do lists expire?

    Right now, wishlists expire six months after they are created. The primary reason for this rule is to prevent people from buying items on inactive accounts. It also helps prevent items being shipped to an old or inactive address, if the Marigold member has moved and not updated their address attached to their lists.
    A month before each list expires, Marigold will send an e-mail to the wishlist holder to let them know and give them the option to renew the list for another six months. In order to renew a list, we only require that wishlist holder double check and verify that their mailing address is still correct.
    In the future, wishlist makers will be able to choose how long each list will stay active. Additionally, they will be able to choose a specific “end date” for their wishlist, for instance a wishlist specifically for a birthday, or moving, or a baby’s delivery date.

  10. Will I be able to track my items?

    Yes. As soon as the item is shipped for the seller, we will send you an e-mail with a link for tracking information, just like buying anything online directly from a retailer.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail us at