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Marigold is here to make gifting easier…and safer.

Here’s how it works:

WE are the middleman.

YOU create wishlists to tell your friends, your family or your fans what you want...for your birthday, for your first apartment or for your new puppy, or just because it’s fun to get gifts.

Pick anything, from anywhere. As long as it has a URL and can be shipped to your country, we got you.

THEY peruse your lists, find something nice for you, and place the order.

We do the rest.

We let you know when a gift has been purchased for you and will keep you updated on shipping information so you won’t be left guessing.

In return, we take a small service fee for, well, providing the services we just described.
It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Your name and address will be kept hidden from them through the entire process. We take privacy very seriously at Marigold. Your contact information will NEVER be seen by buyers.

We are here to help. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Happy wishlisting!

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